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XCOEX offers a one-of-a-kind crypto experience.
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XCOEX is a crypto exchange you can trust.

It’s the safest place to trade, store or exchange cryptocurrency. The registration is immediate and enables you access to the world of crypto. Stay tuned for an upcoming cross-platform experience, as in the next months we are also launching the XCOEX mobile app!

home screen xcoex

home screen xcoex

Where simplicity & safety meet crypto

Welcome to XCOEX, a cutting edge exchange terminal designed to fulfill the cryptocurrency need you might have — in one place. A place where versatility, simplicity and safety meet crypto. XCOEX is your Swiss-army-knife in the world of crypto exchanges — offering a huge variety of functions in one, simple form.

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With XCOEX you can:

  • Exchange all major cryptos
  • Ensure the safety of your account with 2-step verification
  • Hold, send and receive crypto
  • Store your funds in a cold wallet
  • Get 24/7 professional support
  • Withdraw crypto

screenshots xcoex

screenshots xcoex

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Simplicity is our major advantage

Sounds complicated, but it’s actually super easy! We provide you with in-app tips, so the XCOEX interface is the quickest, most intuitive way to buy, sell, exchange or store crypto. If you need more information, you can always contact our team of specialists — always ready to provide technical support.

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If you think that you can attract new XCOEX users with your online marketing channels, then our affiliate program is perfect for you.

As our partner, you’ll get paid for every qualified user you bring, or you can get lifetime commission for each exchange the user does. Contact us to find out more!

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3 reasons to start using XCOEX now

You will realize that our advantages can be easily spotted — all it takes is a quick look at our competitors. None of them offer the functionality and the simplicity of XCOEX.


All you need is here, in one place. Buy, sell, exchange, store, withdraw and do much more with our terminal.


The beautiful design was tailored to suit the needs of the most experienced crypto users, while simultaneously offering great experience even for the crypto rookies.


Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the financial markets. Believe us, we know what we do, and we know what’s best for you!

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Who are the people behind XCOEX?

We are an international team comprised of mathematicians, brokers, coders, UX and UI design experts.

Our team is always working on new solutions, so our clients are furnished with a flawless user experience. We provide fast, secure and cutting edge products.

Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies may be somewhat new to the public, but not to us. Engineered long before the beginning of the crypto hype, XCOEX is quickly becoming the preferred choice for a huge number of traders.

Let's Get In Touch

In case you need support, feel free to reach us anytime via Email, phone or online chat. Our top technical team is always ready to provide the assistance you need. 24/7 throughout the year!

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